Why not look different from the rest – when it comes to having your own style and that special suit for the special occasion. It doesn’t matter if you need a suit for work or a wedding, it is always best to stand out from the crowd and have at least one special suit in your wardrobe.

There is a lot to consider before buying a new suit. Never do it in the rush! Always try different styles and colours, until you find that suit right for you. Only when you know what you like and what you don’t, will you be able to narrow down your options.

Don’t worry, its very common for guys not to know where to start! So here are some tips. If the suit is for your own wedding – always talk with your future wife about the her plans for the wedding. If the suit is for work have a look in your suit collection and go for something you don’t already have in your wardrobe.

It may seem obvious but it is very important that the suit fits and does not look to big or too small on you, and that you feel very comfortable. You need to look and feel great too.

Make sure that you consider your colouring. If you have a fair complexion you should probably avoid light coloured suits. They can wash you out and could even make you look ill!
If you would like to stand out always add a brighter tie or shirt colour. Bright lining would be very cool and different.

Think about your body shape – what you want to emphasise or conceal. If you have narrow shoulders, and you would like them to be bigger, go for a wider notch or peak lapels. If you would like to look slimmer and taller go for a slanted pockets on the jacket and smaller lapels. A personal shopper or tailor can help you to make these choices. Everything comes down to the details.

Think about the fabric and the weight of the cloth when your buying the suit. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and hot. If you commute to work or plan to wear the suit a lot, you should go for a heavier cloth which will last you longer. If you feel hot when in a suit, never go for linen. People often choose linen but it creases easily, and does not look good when traveling or commuting to work. Mohair is a better option as it is a very good conductor of heat and it doesn’t crease as much. If you are buying a suit off the peg, its better to buy a bigger than a smaller size. You can take in the suit if is bigger but if its too small you can’t do much at all.

With made to measure suits you can make that special suit for yourself – unique to you. They are not much expensive then suits from designer brands, like Armani or Paul Smith. But with those suits you are paying for the label. With a made to measure suit you are in charge. You can choose the style, lining, fabric and it will fit your body shape and will be unique to you.

The shirt you wear with your suit is very important and its worth thinking about the shirt you will choose. A made to measure shirt will again have all the same advantages over an off the peg shirt.

There’s a lot to think about and a professional can really help you and make a big difference, so you can find that perfect suit for you. If you would like my help and advice contact me at: www.dandylionstyle.co.uk