Bespoke Dress & Tailoring Services • Ladies Tailoring

Are you looking for a beautiful bespoke dress? or tailored skirt perhaps?

Choose from a range of fine British fabrics, tailored to the style that flatters you best and, in a matter of weeks, you will be wearing a top quality, made-to-measure, unique one-off garment designed for your physique and your occasion. Visit our studio or have our specialist bespoke dress tailor come and visit you. We have time to create the most beautiful bespoke garments for you as we know how important it is for you to wear something you feel proud and confident in.

Ladies’ Tailoring

Dandylion Style offers limited edition dresses, skirts and suits for ladies. For something unique to you, visit our studio and have something bespoke made for you – or you can choose from the made to measure or off the peg items in the studio.

Feeling uncertain about what suits you and what doesn’t? Not sure what to get for that special occasion, for work or to update your existing wardrobe? Well look no further because here at Dandylion Style we can find a solution that is tailored for you with the help of our tailoring team and in house stylist. If work commitments make it difficult for you to visit our studio, our tailor can come and visit you at work or at your home at a time that would suit you. The tailor will advise you on fittings, fabrics, linings and all your different specifications.

Our in house tailor will measure your body to exact and specific measurements to enable your bespoke item will fit magnificently. As this relies on two way communication we want you to tell us everything that is in your mind so we can design the perfect one off, bespoke garment for you to leave with a biggest smile on your face – and to boast and show off to your loved ones.

Gift Vouchers

Here at Dandylion Style we realise that it can be difficult to find a unique idea for a present.

Give this gift voucher to that special someone and they will be treated to spend the money on anything we have in stock this includes tailor made items to their specifications.

Ladies’ Dresses

Why not stand out from the crowd with an amazing tailored bespoke dress from Dandylion Style? Do you want to look great, feel fabulous and experience sophistication? You can choose from a variety of fabrics and together with our tailor you can design that special bespoke dress which will fit you perfectly and make a great impact. Visit our studio or have the Visiting Tailor come to you if you find yourself tied up with personal or work commitments.

Ladies’ Skirts

At Dandylion Style we create items of clothing especially fitted for you. A Dandylion Skirt or bespoke dress is a must have item in your wardrobe. Choose from a variety of fabrics and motifs and together with our designer create your perfect fitted skirt. It will not only make you look fantastic but it will make you feel as fabulous and special as you deserve. Visit our studio or have the Visiting Tailor come to you.

What is Bespoke?

Having a suit, dress, skirt, or waistcoat made bespoke is to have elegance, style, and luxury. Bespoke clothing is made without a template – instead, its made especially for you to your specific body measurements. This will create an item as unique as your finger print and fit you like a second skin.

Why Bespoke?

We completely appreciate that no two woman are the same and have their own unique and individual fashion style -reflected in the clothes you own.

Bespoke items are distinguished from made to measure in many ways. The look of a perfectly fitted outfit, one that is made with higher regard for perfection that follows the lines of your body and compliments you. The touch and simple movements become affirmation and empowerment, walking with purpose and having a perfectly tailored outfit glide with you. We are proud to create the feeling of luxury of a bespoke item making sure you have the confidence knowing you look amazing. Here at Dandylion Style we strive to make you look fabulous. A Bespoke dress or suit is that something special that will make you look and feel incredible.

“Igor has provided an extremely professional, individual and friendly service.

He has made the whole process a very enjoyable experience, and I am looking forward to having my next bespoke suit made very soon.”

Claire Burnett

“Our experience with Dandylion Style has been second to none. We have ordered bespoke men’s suits and ladies dresses. The selection and quality of materials are fantastic and finish of the work, fit, personal input and service from Igor and overall attention to detail made the entire experience a pleasure; we have both been extremely pleased with the orders we made. I strongly recommend Dandylion Style for anyone that prides themselves on the way they dress.”
Chris & Harriet